Whether you want to give birth at home, in a birthing centre, in hospital or a birth with an independent midwife – please contact a midwife as early as possible. You will find them via our midwife search.

Home birth

During a home birth you will be supported by a midwife that you trust. The birth will take place in your familiar surroundings. Continuity and good preparation during pregnancy will help you to enjoy a safe and natural birth. Support during the postpartum period is also provided at home. In the event of unexpected risks arising, interdisciplinary collaboration with the hospital, gynaecologists and paediatricians is ensured.

Birthing centre birth

Giving birth in a birthing centre is comparable with a home birth. Here you will also be looked after by experienced midwives in personal surroundings around the clock. Interdisciplinary collaboration with the gynaecologists and paediatricians is guaranteed. Depending on the birthing centre, postpartum support is provided at home or in the birthing centre.

The following birthing centres are located in the Basel region:

Independent birth in hospital

This system offers you continual care by your independent midwife in hospital. Your midwife independently oversees the birth and is with you throughout the whole delivery. She is in constant contact with the medical team and can – if necessary – involve a doctor at any time. It is advisable to make contact with independent midwives as early as possible.

The following independent hospitals can be found in the Basel region:

Hospital birth

Births in one of the regional hospitals take place in the presence of one of the hospital midwives who work in shifts. As well as conventional medicine, most hospitals also offer a spectrum of complementary medicine methods. Different birthing possibilities and positions are also offered. In-patient postpartum care lasts for around three days. After a straightforward delivery you and your child can go home a few hours after giving birth (out-patient birth).