During a normal pregnancy and birth, your basic insurance will cover the following costs without deductions for franchises and excesses:

  • Seven appointments for pregnancy support
  • Two ultrasound scans (if desired)
  • 150 Francs for a birth preparation course
  • Support from the midwife during the birth (at home, in the birthing centre or in hospital)
  • Postpartum support in hospital, the birthing centre and at home for up to eight weeks after the birth:
    – For first-time mothers, after a Caesarean, after a premature birth and for multiple births up to a maximum of 16 postpartum visits
    – In all other situations up to 10 visits during the postpartum period
  • Three breastfeeding consultations during the breastfeeding period
  • Check-up six to 10 weeks after the birth

Please ask your insurance provider about services such as nursing mother’s allowance, courses for postnatal exercise and pelvic floor training.