Postpartum support

After the birth you will be visited by a midwife at home.
Follow-up checks include:

For the new mother

  • Assessment of uterus recovery and wound healing
  • Removal of stitches (if required)
  • Breastfeeding and the correct latching technique
  • Pelvic floor awareness / exercises
  • Support in the event of uncertainty and mood swings
  • Advice on: vaccinations, contraception or parent-child attachment
  • Advice and support when stopping breastfeeding
  • Support and encouragement in dealing with the new family situation
  • Check-up after six weeks

For newborns

  • Guidance and assistance with care
  • Care of the navel area
  • Weight checks
  • Blood samples (Guthrie test, bilirubin screening)
  • Help and support with crying babies
  • Close collaboration with paediatricians and Basel University Children’s Hospital