Your midwife provides holistic support from the start of your pregnancy or from a later point in time. During a normal pregnancy your midwife can perform all of the checks or alternately with your gynaecologist.

Pregnancy support includes:

  • Blood pressure, weight and urine checks, blood tests, monitoring of heart sounds, feeling and observing the position and growth of the baby, vaginal investigations
  • Support with questions about body changes, the process of “becoming a parent”, changes in your relationship and working situation
  • For high-risk pregnancies (premature labour, multiple pregnancies, high blood pressure) the midwife works closely together with the supervising doctor or hospital
  • Information on choosing a place to give birth

More information on the services provided by your health insurance company during your pregnancy and motherhood can be found under costs.

Via the midwife search you will find a midwife to support you during your pregnancy.